30+ Years EMC, Power Quality, and CE Certification Experience for Automated Machinery and Industrial Markets

As an international leader, the Enerdoor Group has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions for power quality and electromagnetic challenges faced by automated machinery and industrial plants. Our diverse product range includes EMI/RFI filters, motor protection devices, harmonic filters, power transformers, voltage stabilizers, and custom solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Global Reach and Comprehensive Support

In addition to our state-of-the-art EMC solutions, Enerdoor boasts a global distribution and research & development network. We offer a flat-rate, on-site CE Certification service, aligning with IEC and EN Standards. Established in 1992, The Enerdoor Group comprises entities in North America, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Hungary.

Why Choose Enerdoor?

Enerdoor brings decades of experience in power quality and electromagnetic compatibility, with a proven track record of solving compatibility issues for companies worldwide. Here's what sets us apart:  

  • SCCR Excellence:
    Enerdoor is among the select manufacturers capable of supplying filters conforming to the new Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) request of UL508A for control panels.

  • FCC and CE Mark Certifications:
    We facilitate the approval process for machinery or industrial plants, ensuring compliance with FCC Standards and meeting all CE mark requirements for European export. Our engineers guarantee equipment immunity to, and non-emission of, radio signals.

  • Swift UL/CSA Approval and Quick Shipments:
    Our UL/CSA and UL508A approved products are ready to ship within three days of order receipt, offering prompt solutions rated at 600 volts and backed by a five-year guarantee.

What We Do

In addition to our extensive lines of EMC, motor protection, and harmonic filtering solutions, Enerdoor specializes in CE testing and Certification. We provide on-site service globally through an efficient organization. Our unique mobile laboratory division performs all tests required for CE Certification at the customer's facility, guaranteeing a solution.

Our support system of global laboratories and affiliated organizations expedites the Certification process. Enerdoor testing includes:

  • Enerdoor CE Certification and Consulting
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU testing
  • FCC tests, risk assessment, and machinery Directive review
  • Low voltage testing to meet the 2014/35/EU Directive
  • Non-ionizing radiation measurement for the 2013/35/EU Directive 
  • Electric and magnetic field measurements around the machine
  • Power analysis and consulting to reduce energy costs
  • Motor analysis and economical solutions to minimize motor failure

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UL Recognized Components

Several Enerdoor filter lines feature UL508A approval for use in markets requiring UL-marked panels or machines. Our ability to provide SCCR ratings for our products in compliance with the new UL508A requests for SCCR ratings in control panels sets us apart from other filter manufacturers.

The Enerdoor Story

Established in 1992 in Milan, Italy, by Sergio Medved, The Enerdoor Group employs over 400 professionals globally. With offices in the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary, Enerdoor remains committed to delivering the highest quality solutions and service to customers and sales channel partners. Our expertise in understanding RF noise and diagnosing the root causes of electrical noise enables us to recommend optimal solutions for the most challenging applications.


Expanding Partnerships

Enerdoor partners with Blanchard Associates.

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