The UL mark is similar to CE in that it contains different standards to deal with different types of products being placed on the United States market. UL 1283 is the standard that deals with Electromagnetic Interference Filters connected to 1000 Vac (at 50 or 60 Hz) or up to 1500 Vdc mains voltage. It regulates the construction, performance, manufacturing process and markings on the EMI filter to ensure that it will operate correctly and not cause unsafe conditions.

Many Enerdoor filters have gone through the UL 1283 process and are fully compliant. Having UL 1283 rated EMI filters means that customers are able to purchase and install them in an otherwise UL 508a panel and have the panel still carry the UL rating. Offering UL 1283 rated filters allows our customers to have their UL rated control panel be compliant with various international standards such as CE, while still maintaining the UL rating for sale in the United States.

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