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Enerdoor provides state-of-the-art EMC filters and power quality devices designed for every industry and application, including automated machinery, machine tools, VFDs, renewable energy, water treatment, medical equipment, recharging stations, and much more!

You need Enerdoor if:

  • You are an OEM exporting out of North America
  • Machinery has RF or electrical interference
  • PLCs and sensors are failing due to RF interference
  • You have drives with IGBT firing
  • Line noise is making drives hiccup and false code
  • Need to increase motor life and protect windings and bearings
  • Need to reduce motor temperature
  • Need to reduce harmonic distortion or meet IEEE-519 compliance
  • Motors are significant distance from drive: > 50 feet
  • You are planning on buying a new drive

Why Enerdoor over the rest?

  • Best pricing thanks to global presence
  • Large inventory in stock
  • Engineers with decades of field experience solving RF interference, power quality, and harmonic problems
  • CE testing at a set price with a guaranteed solution
  • EMI filters with a 5-year warranty providing the assurance you need

What makes Enerdoor different?

Enerdoor offers CE compliance testing for a low set rate with a guaranteed solution - a unique offering in the industry. This allows Enerdoor engineers the opportunity to test filters in the field, providing greater product support.

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