DC EMI Filters for the Solar Industry

Enerdoor filters are used in solar power applications to achieve EU legislation requirements, avoid exceeding the limits of conducted and radiated emissions, and to ensure correct operation even when RF noise is deliberately injected as required by immunity tests.

DC EMI Filters for the Solar Industry

Enerdoor DC EMI filters were designed specifically for the solar industry and eliminate interference caused by the inverter generating power providing the end-user with clean efficient energy.  The FIN1220, FIN1520 and FIN7212 filters are installed between PV inverters and solar panels to reduce electromagnetic interference in the DC power line.  The FIN1220.0V, FIN1520.0V and FIN7212 filters offer the possibility of ground connection separated from the virtual zero point and are particularly beneficial for critical networks on the protective earth conductor. 

Benefits include: 

  • Prevent pre-mature panel aging
  • Reduce conducted emissions towards the solar panel
  • Reduce EMI radiation off the solar panel
  • Reduce EMC interference and meet international EMC regulations

To learn more please visit https://www.enerdoor.com/category/dc-filter or contact our team directly to discuss your application requirements at 207-210-6511 or info@enerdoor.com

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