Enerdoor engages worldwide in conferences, exhibits and innovation.

Fast Results, Competitive Pricing and Expert Technical Advice

Price increases bothering you?  Can’t find EMI-RFI filters available from stock?  Contact your local Enerdoor Technical Sales person, Rep or Distributor for fast results!  Next day delivery, competitive pricing and our team of expert engineers are…

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Extensive Range of EMI-RFI Filters

In addition to CE Certification, Enerdoor offers an extensive range of EMI-RFI filters, harmonic solutions and motor protection.  Discover our extensive range of products today-     

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Enerdoor in Las Vegas

Enerdoor continues to be an industry leader for innovation and excellence for EMI-RFI filters, motor protection, harmonic solutions and CE Certification.  Join us at the EASA Convention this June 30th - July 2nd in Las Vegas.   We will be featuring…

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Protect Equipment From RF Noise and Overvoltage Spikes

Enerdoor three phase parallel filters provide protection from variable frequency drives, SCRs, controllers, and other high commutation electrical equipment. Only one model is needed for any current range as it is not current dependent and works with…

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New Enerdoor Catalog: EMI Filters, Motor Protection and Harmonic Filters

Hot off the press!  For all your EMI/RFI filter, motor protection and harmonic filter needs, be one of the first to receive the new Enerdoor catalog!!  Download a copy instantly or contact your Enerdoor sales rep to have a hard copy mailed. To view…

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New Technology - FINHRMAD Resolves Harmonic Distortion

It's always exciting when you bring new technology to the market.  Enerdoor is proud to release the new FINHRMAD.This new product is smaller, faster and cleans harmonics at 400 or 480 Vac in the same version, where the old technology required two…

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EMI-RFI Disturbance Problems

Come visit us!  SPS Parma May 28-30, 2019.  Pavilion 5 – Stand F061 EMI Disturbance problems cause production malfunctions and costly downtime. Enerdoor and Finmotor will showcase new products at this trade show and are pleased to offer new…

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Invisible Noise and System Failures

How many times have you had the problem where your equipment temporarily lost communication, had faulty readings or system failures? Machines today use Ethernet ports with remote access for operations such as uploading programs, control and…

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Enerdoor Old Design

Enerdoor Announces Website Redesign

Enerdoor is proud to accounce the launch of our redesign website! Designed, developed and managed by our friends at Saco Design, Inc. Aligned with our commitment to power quality solutions; it is our intention with our sleek new website design, to…

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EMI-RFI Filters in the Rocky Mountain Area

As our newest sales rep in the Rocky Mountain region, Advanced Control Equipment now sells our complete line of Enerdoor EMI-RFI filters, motor protection, harmonic filters, line reactors, surge arresters and CE Certification services. They are an…

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Enerdoor at SPS Drives

Enerdoor showcased at the SPS Drives show in Nuremberg, Germany this month.  Booth visitors had a chance to check out our new active and passive harmonic filters and to learn more about Enerdoor EMI-RFI filters, motor protection and CE Certification.

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EMI-RFI Filters for OEMs Using VFDs and Servo Drives

As one of the largest EMI-RFI filter manufacturers in the world, Enerdoor offers solutions to customers needing an EMI-RFI filter in conjunction with single or multiple variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo drives.   It can be challenging for…

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Custom Solutions

Enerdoor Custom Filter Solutions

In addition to our complete offering of standard EMI-RFI and motor protection filters, Enerdoor offers custom filter solutions for unique applications and mechanical requirements, and provides filtering in ranges not offered in our standard…

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CE Certification with Industry Leader

CE Certification With Industry Leader

As one of the largest EMI-RFI filter manufacturers in the world, Enerdoor also offers a flat rate, on-site CE Certification and consulting service.

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Voltage Stabilizers

Enerdoor specializes in single and three phase voltage stabilizers that regulate voltage through a series of transformers. Find out more about this extensive series and how you could save money today! View our Voltage Stabilizer.   …

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Filter Solutions for Medical Applications

The Enerdoor medical filter series is designed to achieve a high level of shielding on protected environments. All models are characterized by high levels of attenuation from 60 dB with a frequency range from 9 KHz  to 10 GHz. For each application,…

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Single-Phase EMI Filters Protect the Power Supply

Introduction EMI-RFI filters are typically installed on the main power line. However, did you know that single-phase filters may also be used to protect the power supply, PLCs, and sensors?  This white paper explains the benefits of using a…

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Trade Show

Highlights from this months shows in Italy and Spain!

This month Enerdoor exhibited at the SPS Parma trade show in Parma, Italy and at BIEMH in Bilbao, Spain.  Please check back for info on future shows.   Enerdoor is committed to power quality and electromagnetic solutions for automated machinery and…

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FINSVG.(030 - 100)

Save money and energy with power factor correction

Power Factor Correction is the use of technology to restore power factor as close to unity as possible.  This is usually achieved by the additional use of capacitors to the electrical network. The Enerdoor FINSVG provides a better solution for…

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Parallel Filters

Enerdoor parallel filter series is a unique solution available with nominal voltage up to 750 Vac and handles any current due to the parallel nature. These filters are available in 3-phase and 3-phase plus neutral, are UL recognized and feature…

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